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D: Hey, Mike, what's that you have?

M: Oh, hi Dave, that's something very secret the boys in the lab are working on...

D: Come on, give me a look...

M: Well OK then. This will be THE big breakthrough in data presentation and storage. Here, let me show you. See this wafer-thin white display unit?

D: What? Is that a full display?? That thin?

M: Yep. And see this pointer here? When I move it across the display, it leaves a trail, so I can write directly on the display, and the display will store the image.

D: That's fantastic. Where is the drive unit?

M: This is it. It doesn't need any other resources. No power, no batteries, no nothing.

D: What an incredible discovery...

M: Now look at this.

D: Oh, you’re closing the unit. Well, I can do that as well with my notebook.

M: Hey, yes, but look I can fold it many times. See? Now it fits in my wallet.

D: So you can always carry it with you...Brilliant! Hey, let me hold it for a moment? Gee, it's so light!!! I'm dreaming!!

M: No, you're not dreaming. Look, now I open it up again. See the image is still there. Now watch...

D: Hey, you're ripping the unit to pieces. What a waste!!

M: Yes, but look, I can hold them together, and the image is restored. This material is fantastic.

D: Incredible. Can't do that with my flashcard. Ha, ha... What are you doing now? You're jumping up and down in the display! Oh, my God, it's still working! Say Mike what is the safe storage time for the unit?

M: Oh, they say it will be a few centuries at least, perhaps even longer than a thousand years without too much degradation.

D: Gee, must be some stable magnetic fields they use.

M: Yes. The boys at Microsoft-Intel claim it will do away with monitors, computers, notebooks... They'll release it early next year, when they have finished the color version. This is only a Black and White gamma release.

D: What is it going to be called?

M: Paper!

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