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On the hiking trail, there was a crowd
Of some people with dogs who had vowed
To keep their pets quiet
On trail. They would try it.
Trailhead sign had read: No Dogs Aloud.
(Kirk Miller)

For people like me, there's no doubt
The gambling wheel carries much clout.
When I play, if I lose
Lots of cash, I may choose
To gamble more. Don't roulette out.
(Kirk Miller)

Music store just got robbed; thief did scoot
Out the door. Owner ran in pursuit.
But the owner was slow,
Had to let his foe go,
So the thief got away with the lute.
(Kirk Miller)

Candy prices at movies can get
So darn high, you will be upset.
Don't know what the price
Will be. It's not nice
'Cause they always are Raisinette.
(Kirk Miller)

In the hospital bed that's adjacent
Is a person who's never complacent.
He's a mischievous guy
Who can't wait. One day I
Heard the nurses say that he's imp-patient.
(Kirk Miller)

Then one day while he lay in his bed,
He announced that we all were misled.
"Who's impatient? Not me.
I'm pretending to be.
So I'm just an imp-poster," he said.
(Kirk Miller)

The two mischievous people once cared
For each other, but tempers soon flared.
They were wed, got divorced,
And the reason, of course,
Is that they were just simply imp-paired.
(Kirk Miller)

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